Latest news from SCIS:

Math Challenge Winners

On Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 4 of our students participated in a math challenge where they came in second place. They represented our school well, both in academics and in character. They made us proud!

More recent news:

Alumni Evening Countdown

The Alumni Evening 2018 provides a great opportunity to rediscover what made SCIS “home” for you and to renew your lifelong connection to this special place.  It’s a fantastic time to reconnect with friends and classmates and see how the campus has grown since your departure and how best you can contribute to further growth.Read More

Round Square International Conference 2018

  Our flag bearer during the opening ceremony in Round Square International Conference 2018 held in Ottawa Ontario Canada from September 27- October 3, 2018  was none other than Nahla Shahbhai accompanied by Karen Olotu. We couldn’t have been more proud!  About Round Square at SCIS Round Square is a network of 200 leading schools fromRead More

World Cleanup Day 2018

On Saturday 15th September 2018, SCIS joined the rest of the world on the civic movement against trash. Both our primary and secondary students participated in this robust activity with such a positive energy; it was great to see how much difference we brought into the environment at the end of the day.  World CleanupRead More

BEACON Scholarship Symposium

BEACON Scholarship is a programme set for students showing immense leadership potential and excellence. During the most recent BEACON symposium held in Nairobi, St. Constantine’s was represented by Collins a student in year 10, and in attendance was his parents and Mr. Kennedy Ombuni, Teacher at SCIS. The old scholars had a chance to presentRead More