One component of our Year 1 Literacy program involves exposing our children to the different reasons we write.  We write to recount events, to entertain, to explain, to persuade, to pass on information, to instruct and to express feelings.
Year 1 at the Town Campus were recently learning how to write instructions.

The Round Square trip for Year 7 this term was a safari to Ngorogoro Crater and Lake Eyasi. We spent four days and three nights in the area, and saw a wide range of wildlife and landscapes. We stayed in a bush campsite on the shore of Lake Eyasi, where we saw monkeys, birds and fish and learned about the formation of this salt lake. We also visited two traditional villages of the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes, where students experienced how they live in close proximity to nature.

Bags packed and seats shuffled; a group of 37 students accompanied by 4 teachers set out for a 9 hour journey to the East coast of the country - Tanga. This was courtesy of Leopard Tours,  who sponsored  us with comfortable free transport! Mkonge hotel provided us with hospitable accommodation for the first two nights followed by Peponi Beach Resort situated on the outskirts of Tanga town and on the pristine sand and beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean.

On 3rd March we had another busy day for numeracy week as we crowned our inaugural SCIS Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion. We have been celebrating the work of Benjamin Banneker who was associated with patterns of the sun and moon, and we wondered if there were any patterns to follow in this fun, quick and enjoyable game. 50 students took part in the tournament to earn points for their House, and Isaquesa Justin was crowned Champion; congratulations, Isaquesa!

Mrs Gorringe’s Friday afternoon sewing club has been producing some really beautiful and well stitched work this term.  They have been experimenting with making patchwork covers.  They brought the material in Arusha town and are using lots of African prints to make some lovely colourful pieces.  Sakina 4M, Preeti 4J, Khadija

On the night of Wednesday, 18th February, many SCIS Year 2 children were so excited that they couldn't sleep.  This week Town Campus hosted the Year 2 classes from the Main Campus to celebrate the 100th day of school.  All activities revolved around the number 100.  Students painted, stamped, tallied and counted.  They measured weight and length.  They searched for numbers on campus and strung necklaces of 100 cereal loops.