On April 30th and May15th, the Prefects’ Council hosted the 4th annual SCIS House-themed talent hunt. The event was lead by MCs Simaloi Sikar, and Nellissa Soka, accompanied by other fellow prefects. Students from Olympia, Delphi, Athens, and Sparta all competed for the winning title.

On the 13th of May, 2015, we hosted Braeburn and Kennedy House for the first ever Tag Rugby tournament on our new, well manicured Rugby pitch. Our students were in high spirits and ready to take on their opponents on the field. Our Year 3/4 team played their first match against Kennedy House and displayed excellent ball-handling skills. Theo (Y4), Brightson (Y4), and Antonio (Y4) made great runs to score against their worthy opponents.

Last weekend we were very proud to donate our latest collection of clothes, toys and books to the orphans at St Gemma's.  As you are all aware we support a local school that is also home to orphans.  The Community Service team, led by Mrs Marandu, are supporting our Round Square ethos by learning how to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.  The items that were donated by our students last term have now found new and very appreciative homes!  We are continuing to collect things this term so please send your children with any clothes that they have grown out of or toys they no longer play with.  We are also in the process of making products in our Community Service time that we intend to sell at

One component of our Year 1 Literacy program involves exposing our children to the different reasons we write.  We write to recount events, to entertain, to explain, to persuade, to pass on information, to instruct and to express feelings.
Year 1 at the Town Campus were recently learning how to write instructions.

The Round Square trip for Year 7 this term was a safari to Ngorogoro Crater and Lake Eyasi. We spent four days and three nights in the area, and saw a wide range of wildlife and landscapes. We stayed in a bush campsite on the shore of Lake Eyasi, where we saw monkeys, birds and fish and learned about the formation of this salt lake. We also visited two traditional villages of the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes, where students experienced how they live in close proximity to nature.

Bags packed and seats shuffled; a group of 37 students accompanied by 4 teachers set out for a 9 hour journey to the East coast of the country - Tanga. This was courtesy of Leopard Tours,  who sponsored  us with comfortable free transport! Mkonge hotel provided us with hospitable accommodation for the first two nights followed by Peponi Beach Resort situated on the outskirts of Tanga town and on the pristine sand and beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean.