On 3rd March we had another busy day for numeracy week as we crowned our inaugural SCIS Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion. We have been celebrating the work of Benjamin Banneker who was associated with patterns of the sun and moon, and we wondered if there were any patterns to follow in this fun, quick and enjoyable game. 50 students took part in the tournament to earn points for their House, and Isaquesa Justin was crowned Champion; congratulations, Isaquesa!

Mrs Gorringe’s Friday afternoon sewing club has been producing some really beautiful and well stitched work this term.  They have been experimenting with making patchwork covers.  They brought the material in Arusha town and are using lots of African prints to make some lovely colourful pieces.  Sakina 4M, Preeti 4J, Khadija

On the night of Wednesday, 18th February, many SCIS Year 2 children were so excited that they couldn't sleep.  This week Town Campus hosted the Year 2 classes from the Main Campus to celebrate the 100th day of school.  All activities revolved around the number 100.  Students painted, stamped, tallied and counted.  They measured weight and length.  They searched for numbers on campus and strung necklaces of 100 cereal loops.

What an adventure! Sailing and windsurfing in the tropical Indian ocean surrounding the island of Mauritius for 17 students from SCIS was a treat for us all. Our hosts were the only RYA approved centre in the Indian Ocean : Wildwind Adventures who are Europe’s top sailing school, now operating in their second location, in the warm waters of Mauritius.

On Wednesday, 18th February 2015 the whole of Year 8 attended a Geography fieldtrip to the Burka Coffee Plantation across the road from school. It was an excellent experience as we learned a great deal more about coffee than we knew, as well as learning some vital skills for carrying out geography fieldwork in the future.

Throughout Term 2, the Reception classes learn about living things: plants, insects, and animals in their Inquiry lessons. We take a hands-on approach, bringing plants and insects into the classroom, and ending the unit with a visit to a farm that raises animals.

During our unit on plants, the students plant bean seeds and sunflower seeds in small cups so that we can take them out every few days to observe germination. The students are always surprised to see the tiny leaves and roots emerging from their seeds, and even more delighted to see their plants burst through the top of the soil and get taller every day!