St Constantine’s is very pleased to be offering the BTEC Level 3 Travel and Tourism course to a very keen group of Year 12 learners this year. The course is designed to be vocational in nature and this provides the students with the opportunity to explore the Travel and Tourism sector in great detail. I am looking for your support in enabling the students to gain as much as possible from their learning in this area and would very much appreciate it if you could contact me if you work in the sector and would be able to provide support for the course.

On September 2nd, 2014, the AS Business Studies and BTEC Business classes went on a joint excursion to visit the great ‘Shanga’ work station and store. For all those whom are not aware of the Shanga community, let me brief you; Shanga is a business that deals with producing different types of jewellery, accessories, dishes, vases, shawls, and much more using only recycled material, mainly glass.

On Saturday, 24th May 2014 a group of 14 St. Constantine's students visited a Masai village.  They left with the aim to build a pre-school for the village children.  Great was their amazement to find out that this is a woman’s job as it is believed that it is bad luck for men to do any building.  The boys were relieved as they watched how the girls mixed the cow dung and mud mixture for the walls of the pre-school.  The boys left with some men for hunting and experienced how to barbecue a goat on an open bush fire. 

Across our two schools, all Grade 1 and 2 students have an opportunity to be involved in extra- curricular activities that not only teach new skills, but help the children develop their academic potential. At the Town Campus, we have many extra-curricular activities for the children to choose from. Some are offered by teachers at our school, while others are taught by outside specialists.

The whole school community is delighted to receive the news last week that following our application to, and visit from, the Regional Director of Round Square we have been admitted into the Organisation.St Constantine’s is the first school in Tanzanian to gain membership. For us it means extending our existing commitment of service to others so that it permeates the entire ethos, philosophy and curriculum of the School. Situated as we are, in one of the most beautiful and biogeographically diverse environments in the world and surrounded by villages where basic education is lacking, we see a need to involve ourselves in the communities around us.

I can’t believe it!” my friend exclaimed. “We’re just about to climb the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the WHOLE WORLD!” I have to admit, I was pretty excited too as we stood at the gate leading to the mountain. . Who knew a small gate could contain an album of unforgettable memories?The first 45 minutes of our climb, 24 of us were bursting with excitement as we chatted away about who we thought were going to make it to the peak. However, our bubbly spirit soon started to wear out despite the shade provided by the dense trees in the forest.  We had stops to catch our breaths.  We had to drink more water and  stop more frequently as the route became harder and steeper.