The boys have played in 3 tournaments during the football season. At each event they have come up against opposition from St Jude’s, Braeburn, ISMAC, ISM Moshi and Orkeeswa. Their consistency paid off, seeing them reach the final at all three tournaments.

Year 8 students have been studying population during their geography lessons during the first half term. As a conclusion to the unit of study, the students participated in a Mock United Nations activity in which they each represented a country and made a presentation about their country’s views and solutions to the population problems they have been learning about. It was great to see the students so engaged with an activity and so keen to represent their country to the best of their ability.

Over the past two weeks, our Years 10,11, 12 and 13 have had visits to the Pepsi bottling factory in Arusha.  The main purpose of the visits was to see in action the uses of sensors, computer-controlled motors through actuators, and how robotics and automation are used in modern companies.

On Wednesday 1st October, 2014, the Reception classes from Town Campus and Main Campus went to the Snake Park and Maasai Museum together.  All Year levels do activities together each term to build their friendships across town so that they will be comfortable when the Town Campus class joins their peers at the Main Campus for Year 3.  Next week Reception classes will begin a unit on Tanzania, so the trip allowed the students to preview a Tanzanian tribe and some animals found in Tanzania.  The trip will also be used as a Recount activity, which is the current text type they are working with in English class.  The students will retell the events of the

On Wednesday the 24th of September the BTEC Travel and Tourism class went to the African Walking Company. Located in a very isolated and extremely private area, the African Walking Company’s headquarters is in Ilboru, Sakina. They rent the land, which is owned by Mike Metili, who also owns a lodge nearby.

On Friday 26th September, our Lower Primary Athletics Carnival took place at the main campus. All of our students from Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Two, from both campuses, took part. It was great fun for all and everyone had a chance to take part in all of the events. These included parachute, long jump, sack race, basketball rolling, obstacle course, softball, high jump, bean bag race and 50m relay. Refreshments were on hand and many parents turned up to support their little ones as they moved around the different events. Many thanks to Mr Kevin for organising the whole event with such efficiency.