Internationalism, RS Conferences and Exchanges

In the last few years our students and accompanying staff  have travelled to Round Square conferences in such great places as: Morocco, South Africa, India, Switzerland, Kenya, the UK, and Namibia.  Since the worldwide Covid 19 outbreak our students have continued exchanging ideas and debating with their Round Square peers all round the world via virtual conferences.  Our students also have the opportunity for pupil exchanges which can last for a month or even a term.  Our current partner schools are in: America, Australia, South Africa, and the UK (England and Scotland).

In 2018 we  hosted our own conference, and this, like all the others, was organised by the students.  The philosophy of Round Square is that the teachers are there to facilitate only.  These conferences expose our students to different countries and ways of life, where they realise that the similarities between young people the world over outnumber their differences, and that their ideas can change the world.  Conferences always include elements of service and adventure, and debates between the students inspired by exciting keynote speakers.  There is also plenty of time built in to get under the skin of the country they are visiting.  Our students competed to be allowed to represent the school.

Our cultural council is charged with bringing the outside world into the school, keeping their contemporaries informed of news events and national, international and religious celebrations, and organising school functions to bring these occasions to life.