It is said that charity begins at home; this is where our environmental group began their work too, auditing the site and addressing problems one by one.  Concerned about litter problems, they painted eye-catching designs on all the bins so that users could find them more easily.  Seeing students trampling all over the grass outside the canteen, they widened the path, laying the paving stones themselves, and planted hedges around the grass to protect it.  Future recycling initiatives are also being planned; with most of the teaching staff living on site, the boarding houses, and all the normal school buildings, there is huge scope.  Recently, the Environmental Council created a whole school programme for Earth Day, putting on events for both Secondary and Primary students to raise awareness.

Our location in Arusha, the hub of the northern safari circuit, means we are well placed to benefit from the national parks that surround us, and students are exposed to safari at various points in their educational careers to give them an understanding of Tanzania’s unique place in wildlife conservation.