Round Square

Round Square

The Round Square organisation was founded by His Majesty King Constantine in 1966, based principally on the theories of the German educational philosopher, Kurt Hahn. It is named after the square that is actually round at Gordonstoun School, in Scotland, where the first conference took place in 1967.

He founded two schools: Salem in Germany and Gordonstoun in Scotland. There are now 140 Round Square schools in 40 countries on five continents. Membership is highly sought after and St. Constantine’s was proud to the first Round Square school in Tanzania in April 2014. As such, we joined some of the most innovative and successful schools in the world. St. Constantine’s gained Global Member status in March 2016.

We, like other Round Square schools, believe that in order to prepare for adult life, young people must be encouraged to discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding, tolerance and respect. The Round Square approach doesn’t focus on what is taught but rather how learning takes place. It recognises that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative, and when it is infused through a broad spectrum of co-curricular activities.

Round Square schools are based on Kurt Hahn’s theories under six key areas: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. You can read more about the sorts of activities that our students are involved in HERE.

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As a Round Square School, we try and incorporate the founding principles in everything we do, both within and outside the curriculum: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service.  Beyond this, Round Square provides many interesting opportunities for students to gain experiences outside of the country, whether attending conferences, taking part in exchanges with other schools, or spending time in a foreign country after graduating on a GAP (graduate assistant) programme.  We also host GAP students here, most recently from South Africa , Canada and United States of America , exposing our own students to different cultures in their everyday school life.

SCIS is happy to announce that we are partnering with the following schools for exchanges in the 2019-2020 school year.  Our exchanges are generally for students in years 9 & 10, but there are occasionally opportunities for older students.  If you are interested in going on exchange, speak with Ms. Wint,

Gordonstoun, Scotland, UK
Felsted, UK
Westfield, UK
Athenian, California, USA
Colegio Los Nogeles, Bogata, Colombia
St. George’s Grammar School, Cape Town, South Africa
Roedean, Johannesburg, South Africa
Transylvania College, Cluj, Romania
Westfield School, UK
Ballarat Grammar School, Victoria, Australia
Westminster, Adelaide, South Australia

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