Round Square in the Primary School

The Primary School is proud to have been a leader in developments of Round Square activities over the years with the initial IDEALS sessions running for five years now. We have designed a program whereby all students have a chance to try something new and develop skills in areas they might not usually pick as an elective. It is designed to allow students to develop in the six areas of Round Square, Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service, not just areas that they find more appealing.


The activities take place for an hour on Wednesday afternoons with teachers from across the Primary School.

Children from Year 1 to Year 6 are placed in an IDEALS group and they complete various planned activities over a half term.

Over the course of the year, the students will have taken part in a range of activities exploring each IDEALS theme.


Some examples of what is of offer include:

Team Building


Outdoor Camping skills

International Cooking

Speech and Drama



Recycling through Art

International Games

As well as Service orientated groups that make gifts for our end of year IDEALS Fair to raise money for our nominated charities in Northern Tanzania.


Weekend experiences – Service and Adventure

Throughout the year, we offer day trips with a IDEALS focus. This has included an environmentalism focus with a clean-up Arusha litter pick, a service trip to Meserani Education Centre for a collaborative learning experience and an adventure focus visiting the Snake Park to learn more about reptiles, experience Maasai culture or have a ride on a camel! We hope to offer more chances for all students to be involved in Service opportunities through our weekend experiences.


Student Leadership in the Primary School

In May 2019, we offer a leadership training day for Year 5 students who would like to be a prefect in Year 6. The leadership day explores the need for leaders, how to be a good leader, leadership qualities, teamwork, listening skills and personal development. Any Year 5 student is encouraged to attend the training day even if they are not sure of applying.


Our Year 6 Prefects are chosen by the student population in Upper Primary following a self-nomination by writing a letter of application to be a prefect. Nominated students then present a speech and voting takes place in classes. Teachers talk about this process with students and the idea of Democracy in our school.


We also have a Student Council Representative for all classes from Year 1 to Year 6 and students are voted by their peers. The Student Council serves to help contribute ideas to the Primary Leadership Team for ways to improve the Primary School. Representatives meet a couple of times a term and help in school events when required.


Conferences for Upper Primary Students

Occasionally a conference aimed at 11-13-year-old students is offered and we invite students to take part in these international opportunities. A conference is a great way for students to “spread their wings” and travel out of Tanzania and sometimes out of Africa to see another part of the world and meet like-minded students from other Round Square schools. The latest conference on offer is to Nottingham in June 2019. We will be represented by 12 students and 2 staff members at a conference where the theme is “Adventure Awaits” a bush craft camp right in the centre of the famous Robin Hood Sherwood Forest. It is opportunities like this that can allow our students to be challenged in a supportive environment and experience international travel as part of it.


Activities Week

In February each year, each year group participates in an Activities Week whereby different challenges are set appropriate to each age group. We offer residential trips for students from Year 3 – 6 and they include the following:

Year 3 – Snake Park, Meserani

Year 4 – Mto wa Mbu & Lake Manyara

Year 5 – Enduimet WMA, West Kilimanjaro

Year 6 – Savage Wilderness, Sagana, Kenya


All of these trips offer a different IDEALS focus, but with the key being Adventure. Students are encouraged to develop skills by selecting a “discovery” focus from the Round Square Discovery Framework. The twelve discoveries have a character education focus and through participation in activities students are introduced to the idea of exploring these “discoveries”.

Our younger students in the Lower Primary school (Nursery to Reception) have some day trip adventures that challenge them and age appropriate activities in school throughout the week.


Embedding the Round Square Discovery Framework in the Curriculum

As well as the development of the six IDEALS in the sessions, students are encouraged through the curriculum to develop the twelve discoveries that make up the Round Square Discovery Framework. Through weekly and termly planning, teachers are becoming more aware of embedding the discoveries in all areas of the curriculum and allowing students to be introduced to the terms and exploring their own personal development.