Pastoral Care

Students thrive in an environment where they are well-known and cared for by staff, and where they feel happy and confident. Our whole team of pastoral staff aim to help each student at St. Constantine’s to not only reach their academic and co-curricular potential, but to also develop into a happy young individual with good self-esteem and a real belief in their role in society.

Each student belongs to one of four houses: Athens, Delphi, Olympia or Sparta. In the Secondary School, one member of staff, the Head of House, is in charge of each house, assisted by a team of Tutors. As well as registering students’ presence each morning, Tutors keep an overall eye on an individual’s work and progress, giving them personal support and encouraging them to make the most of their opportunities at the School. Anyone with a problem of any kind is encouraged to discuss it with their Tutor in the first instance. Tutors are the first point of contact between home and school and remain with their Tutor Group as it progresses through the school.

All students are encouraged to take an active part in house activities, for example by joining in or supporting as many of the inter-house competitions as possible, which usually take place during the last week of each half-term.

Tutors monitor each individual’s progress on an on-going basis throughout the academic year. This becomes even more important in the examination years, Year 10 – 13, when students receive academic monthly report. These are designed to give students and parents as clear an idea as possible of the progress being made during these important years. Students in Years 5 – 9 receive formal reports three times a year, at the end of each term, and students in Nursery to Year 4 receive reports biannually.

There are two Parent-Teacher Consultation Days during the course of the year when parents are able to discuss work and progress with the Tutor and other members of staff. These take place on the last day of Term 1 and Term 2. There are also Curriculum Evenings prior to Year 10 and Year 12 to help parents ensure their children gain the most from these years.

The well-being of all students at St. Constantine’s, whether day or boarding, is of paramount importance to us. For our boarding students, our team of caring Houseparents, Matrons and Residential Boarding Assistants means they can be  assured of being well looked after and always having someone to talk to if they need it.

Our School Counsellor and School Nurse are also available for all students to speak to.