Food is an important part of school life, especially for our boarding students, and one that is taken very seriously. We offer our students nutritious, freshly prepared food throughout the day.

We are happy to have the school meals prepared by our chef, Mr George Mavromoustakis who runs our catering facilities here at school as an external provider.

Meals are taken in the recently-built school dining room which has an outside eating area for the sunny days. Our meals are buffet style for breakfast, lunch and evening supper. Mid-morning and evening snacks are also prepared for students which consist of a hot drink and sandwiches or home made cakes, mandazis or biscuits.

Our menus blend traditional with worldwide flavours to cater for our diverse student base. We frequently provide themed menus to support learning and encourage a cultural palate, as well as researching new ideas to keep our menus fresh and inspired.

Our menus are reviewed regularly to ensure they are kept to the highest standard possible. Catering staff regularly work with the Student Council to promote the education and health of children and young people by continuing to improve the quality and variety of food supplied and consumed in our school.

The current menu is provided to parents each week via our Parent Portal.