Visual Arts

We offer an exciting and exceptional Visual Arts programme that provides an opportunity to our students to express themselves visually and develop their interest in various activities and channel their energy into developing new skills. Creativity sits at the core of the programme and feeds a common desire for originality and innovative thinking.

Our programme focuses on growth and supporting students’ awareness and appreciation of the influence that the Arts have on society and cultures. It also helps in the development and improvement of students’ problem-solving abilities and critical-thinking skills while demonstrating frequent and powerful interdisciplinary connections. We introduce our students to a variety of techniques in two-dimensional and three-dimensional media that serve as the building blocks for a solid foundation in artistic practice. Therefore our students create artworks that integrate the fundamental components of design known as elements of design (colour, form, line, shape, space, texture and value). They also explore design principles (balance, perspective, emphasis, rhythm, movement, proportion, contrast, repetition, unity and variety) and use them to arrange design elements to produce visual effect. We then organise Art exhibitions that allow students to be exposed to many original and varied artworks around the School in general, providing excellent opportunities to learn from valued members of the wider art community.

The artistic development of our students is supported beyond the classroom by a comprehensive co-curricular programme. Our students, of all ages and abilities, broaden their artistic horizon, explore their potential and discover their talents by joining exciting art-related, after-school electives such as Art Extravaganza, bead work, computer graphics, sculpture, recycling art and mosaic making. Through these electives, students embark on large scale and collaborative art-related projects like creating life-size sculptures and erecting them in different corners on the school grounds, mosaic or painted murals on school walls and creating the school year book. They investigate and produce artworks using various media, processes, traditional and emerging technologies. They also develop skills in using art tools, materials and techniques. Through experiencing a wide range of works including the rich heritage of African Art, students come to understand and appreciate the range and significance of artistic expression. Our desire is to stimulate and provoke students as independent thinkers and creators who explore various media and methods, under the mentorship of our experienced staff.