The Music co-curricular programme provides an opportunity for all students to express their creativity through their musical talents which are enriched by regular concerts and classroom performances in both the Primary and Secondary Schools. The Primary School has various Music clubs that include Singing Club, Traditional Drumming Club, Recorder Group and Dancing Club. The Secondary School Choir has students singing all sorts of genres from classical to classical contemporary and African fusions. The popular Secondary School Band is known throughout Arusha. Students with different talents get to share them in singing, dancing and playing different instruments together. They perform all songs from old to the most recent pop songs and perform on many occasions at events around Arusha.

The Creative Arts department also has a peripatetic music programme. This is run by Kilima Music Academy and they provide experienced private music teachers who teach more skills to students who want to take things far beyond the timetabled music lessons provided by the School. Lessons include the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Music Theory, Piano, Violin, Flute and Drums. For parents who need extra practical and music theory for their children it is a very good option to go for. More details can be found at the school.