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Year 5 Trip to Kimakouwa Village in Longido

On Thursday the 20th of October, at 8:30am, the year 5s went to Longido. We went to a Maasai village called Kimakouwa. On the way we saw a spectacular Dust Devil, a small whirlwind over land, visible as a column of dust and debris. Some of the children even saw giraffes. After about an hourRead More

School Farm takes shape

In 2016 work started on laying the foundations for the SCIS school farm. The long term plan is for diverse animal husbandry and the production of quality crops meeting the needs of the school community. The students have developed a business plan and are creating balance sheets and accounts that reflect the investment to dateRead More

Street to Feat Picnic

Mrs Marandu’s Community Service group co-ordinated a Food Harvest for the NGO ‘Street to Feat’ Programme. Street to Feat is a Tanzanian NGO organised right here in Arusha. The programme aims to provide a picnic lunch and other some basic needs to young people living on the street at different times during the year. OurRead More

Community Volunteering in Arusha

On a magnificent Monday morning, on February the 15th ,  30 SCIS students volunteered to help change our community for the better. The students were split into 3 groups and got to visit a different place each day. Where they learned team work and leadership skills. We started our Journey at St. Gemma, A school forRead More

“Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

The familiar call of Eddie Ricers rang out at St Constantine’s last weekend on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th January, 2016 with 80 Maasai children from Kisongo Primary School, 13 St Constantine’s senior students, 9 Australian Eddie Rice Leaders and 13 Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School students. It was a wonderful experience for all whoRead More

Primary Round Square Book Donation

The Primary Round Square Community Service students have been involved in preparing books for donation to schools in the Arusha region and beyond. There were several of the same titles in excess in our school therefore we thought that to share the love of reading with other Tanzanian children would be in line with theRead More

Prefect Bake Sale

During the last week before the Term 1 mid-term break, the Prefects organised a bake sale for the whole school. We had brownies, cupcakes and other desserts on sale during that week, all of which the students could not to get enough of. The purpose of this event was to collect funds to build upRead More