Our weekends start on Friday afternoon, which will usually see the senior students organise themselves a football match, while others wind down after a long week. Boarding staff often organise a trip out to a restaurant or cinema on the Friday evening to celebrate the end of the week.

On Saturday morning, activities start: given their free access to our extensive sporting facilities, the boarders form a large portion of our sports teams, and Saturdays often see them playing fixtures.

When not engaged in sporting fixtures, we try to live by the Round Square IDEALS. We have a fleet of mountainbikes and these are regularly ridden around the local hills accompanied by qualified staff.  The younger students ride bikes around the extensive school grounds during the weekends. We also arrange hiking and bird watching trips. Boarders have the opportunity to attend age appropriate cultural events (theatre, art dance, slam poetry etc) as audience members and participants.  Other popular on-site activities include baking and art, and we also provide students a chance to leave campus and stock up on essential supplies, or enjoy a movie at the cinema. To achieve all this, the boarding staff are assisted by teachers from the school, who help out on a rota basis.

To help keep in touch with family back home, the ICT lab is often open at weekends.  Every afternoon the swimming pool is open, staffed by our lifeguards.. Students who join us with limited swimming ability soon catch up with their friends, and this access to the pool means that boarders also form a large portion of the swimming team.

On Sunday mornings, Matron takes a trip to church for those who wish to worship. Although we are a secular school, students’ beliefs are respected and supported. Students of all faiths are welcome, and we always seek to meet their differing needs. Our Kitchen does not serve pork.  Students observing Ramadan are provided with meals at the times that they require to support fasting during daylight hours.