News from SCIS:

Community Volunteering in Arusha

On a magnificent Monday morning, on February the 15th ,  30 SCIS students volunteered to help change our community for the better. The students were split into 3 groups and got to visit a different place each day. Where they learned team work and leadership skills.

We started our Journey at St. Gemma, A school for children that have jailed parents and have to resign in prison with them. St. Gemma removes the children from their harsh prison environment and provides them with a home, food, an education and most importantly a loving family. Many of the children have had rough childhoods, some of their parents are facing life sentences and others are already dead.

service council 4

Despite their depressing story the children were bouncing around with glee. They were very polite and appreciative towards us. We played a few games with them like basketball , football etc where we really learned a lot about the kids and how inspiring their story really was.

We spent the day playing games , making posters and reading with them. That day we all went home with smiling faces because we knew we had actually made a difference.