Outside the Classroom

When our students leave the classroom the learning doesn’t stop, there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved  in other extra curricular activities. Here are just a few of them…


Drama in Primary In the early years, Drama is an extension of both English Language and the Creative Arts. Students are taught to extend their language skills through role-play, movement games, scripting and performance. These skills help students build self-confidence and embed the overall communication skills they will need to be successful later on. DramaRead More


St Constantine’s is well represented in a variety of competitive sports across all age groups and are one of seven member schools competing in the Northern Tanzania Athletics Association (NTAA). Sports are organised within age groups and seasons, allowing students to participate in a wide variety of teams and individual competitions, representing the school withinRead More

Visual Arts

We offer an exciting and exceptional Visual Arts programme that provides an opportunity to our students to express themselves visually and develop their interest in various activities and channel their energy into developing new skills. Creativity sits at the core of the programme and feeds a common desire for originality and innovative thinking. Our programmeRead More


The Music co-curricular programme provides an opportunity for all students to express their creativity through their musical talents which are enriched by regular concerts and classroom performances in both the Primary and Secondary Schools. The Primary School has various Music clubs that include Singing Club, Traditional Drumming Club, Recorder Group and Dancing Club. The SecondaryRead More