An extension to family life, school boarding offers a supportive and friendly atmosphere to help pupils feel right at home after their day at school.

Head of Boarding Welcome

Boarding at St Constantine’s is one big happy family. We have many actual siblings here, and several students whose parents also stayed in the same boarding house a generation ago. It is more than that though; we find that the mix of students from age 4 all the way up to age 19 creates aRead More

Boarding Nyumbani September 2020 – Vol 1

The first ever Boarding Newsletter of our School is out! It is a student runned initiative led by our Round Square and Communications Intern Ms Laura Valentina Cortes. The Boarding Nyumbani Committee, integrated by secondary boarders, has worked after school taking pictures and writing stories to show you how fun Boarding life can be and immortalizeRead More

Daily Life

In the mornings, students are woken by boarding staff, take their showers and put their school uniform on before enjoying breakfast in the boarders’ dining room. The boys’ and girls’ matrons assist the Primary students with dressing and make sure they eat a healthy meal. The boarding staff are always on hand to check uniform,Read More


Our weekends start on Friday afternoon, which will usually see the senior students organise themselves a football match, while others wind down after a long week. Boarding staff often organise a trip out to a restaurant or cinema on the Friday evening to celebrate the end of the week. On Saturday morning, activities start: givenRead More

Boarding House Staff

The Head of Boarding has overall pastoral responsibility for the house, making sure the catering, cleaning and all the behind-the-scenes works are progressing as they should, and also provides the link to parents and teachers. He is assisted by a girls’ houseparent, and a boys’ and girls’ matron. We also have an assistant Matron andRead More