Departments – Languages

The Languages Department teaches the subjects: English, English Literature, French and Kiswahili.


Years 7 – 9

When students enter the Secondary School, they study all three languages: French, Kiswahili and English.  We use Cambridge English textbooks by Nelson Thornes, Kiswahili for Beginners, and Encore textbooks for French instruction at this stage.  Textbook information combined with novels, poetry, and plays in all three languages creates a holistic learning experience for all our students in all languages.  In Year 9, as students move towards IGCSEs, they begin to focus on English and either French or Kiswahili since they must choose only one language other than English when they enter IGCSEs in Year 10.

Years 10 – 11

At the start of Year 10, students begin studying either French or Kiswahili using the IGCSE syllabus.  All students also study English as a First Language and may choose to also study English Literature.  Because students’ strengths and language backgrounds differ, teachers actively assess students throughout Years 10 and 11 to determine which students may perform better on the English as a Second Language examination.  All students continue to study English as a First Language, but may be entered for the English as a Second Language exam if this is deemed more appropriate for their academic skill set.  The Cambridge IGCSE French examination and Kiswahili examination both include reading and writing sections and the French examination also includes a speaking and listening test component.

Years 12 – 13

For students who meet the entrance requirements for our A Level programme, we offer students the opportunity to study Literature in English using the Cambridge AS/A Level syllabus.  Not only do students complete the course with a greater knowledge of literature analysis skills, they also show improved writing skills and global awareness since the syllabus focuses on the incorporation of texts from international authors.


At all levels and in all languages at St. Constantine’s, students have the opportunity to attend field trips, engage in writing competitions, participate in debates and other oral speaking activities, and make use of the computer labs for typing their written work.  Secondary students also have the opportunity to improve their reading and engage in service to others through our Buddy Reading programme that pairs Secondary School English language students with Primary School students for shared reading sessions.