Departments – Humanities

The Humanities Department includes History and Geography for Year 7, 8 and 9 and they follow a varied curriculum in both subject areas to ensure that they have the necessary foundations to continue their studies in either subject at IGCSE level and beyond.


Years 7 – 9

The Geography curriculum consists largely of studying a range of countries including Australia, Namibia, the United Kingdom, Kenya, China and Brazil. Through these units of study, students are able to not only gain a realistic perspective of the World, but also to visit topics that they will explore in greater detail at IGCSE level, such as volcanoes and earthquakes, rivers, coastal processes, development, population structure and settlement, as well as developing a portfolio of comparative case studies on which they can draw at any point during their studies.

Students will discover a vast history of the world, beginning with Local History in Year 7, then European History in Year 8 and World History in Year 9. The course is largely chronological during each year of study to ensure that students are not only equipped with the skills involved in studying History, but also that they are aware of the time periods involved and can make specific links between events and their causes and short-term and long-term impacts.

Years 10 – 13

The Humanities Department offers History and Geography at IGCSE level and History, Geography, Sociology and Psychology at AS and A2 Level. These courses are growing in popularity enabling the department to develop coursework options in some areas of study.


Humanities fieldtrips have included a river study, coffee plantation visits, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, a visit to Alliance Française to watch climate change documentaries and, of course, there are excellent links with many of the activity week trips on offer annually. Students had the opportunity to discuss the migrant crisis in Kenya at a Round Square mini-conference at the International School of Kenya, which supports content at IGCSE, AS and A Level.


The department is well equipped with textbooks for all levels of study including a range of IGCSE and A Level books specific to the Cambridge curricula we follow. We have a weather station, which students are encouraged to engage with the recording and processing of data. All classrooms are suitably equipped with a laptop, speakers and projector and we are equipped with appropriate digital resources for the courses taught.