Drama in Primary

In the early years, Drama is an extension of both English Language and the Creative Arts. Students are taught to extend their language skills through role-play, movement games, scripting and performance. These skills help students build self-confidence and embed the overall communication skills they will need to be successful later on.

Drama in Secondary

Through the middle years of Secondary School, Drama becomes a key component of our Creative Arts programme. From Years 7 to 9, students learn more sophisticated approaches to performance and begin to understand drama as literature. Various techniques are used to create a pathway for drama performance as learning. Movement, Voice, Mime and Improvisation are all components taught to our students in these years. Students also learn to think critically about Drama in Literature, its place in history and its development around the world. From the ancient Greeks, to the age of Charlie Chaplin and early film, students are introduced to a wide spectrum of Dramatic History. We offer the two-year IGCSE course in Year 10, a challenging and comprehensive course designed to have students understand all the creative, theoretical, technical and performance elements of world Theatre. By its conclusion students should have a sophisticated understanding of the art.