Departments – Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Department is an outstandingly strategic and creative team that nurtures creativity, originality, confidence and individuality through collaboration. It is designed to produce a new wave of creative leaders in Art & Design, Music and Drama. The department offers a programme that encourages artistic expression, creative thinking and diversity in our students. It builds transferrable skills for our students to take into the wider world.

In Art students explore the expressive character of art, their personal perceptions of art works, and the elements and principles of design. They investigate and produce a variety of art works using various media, processes, and traditional and emerging technologies. They develop skills in using art tools, materials, and techniques. Such learning also enhances students’ ability to respond to and interpret existing works. Students learn how art works construct and record the history, values, and beliefs of various societies and cultures. Through experiencing a wide range of art works, including the rich heritage of African art, students come to understand and appreciate the range and significance of artistic expression.

Musically, our students understand and appreciate music through a focus on practical skills and creative work. Students will find in music a source of enjoyment and personal satisfaction and will gain creative problem-solving skills, individual and cooperative work habits, knowledge of themselves and others, a sense of personal responsibility, and connections to their communities and future careers. They develop their awareness of the elements of music (pitch – melody, harmony, and tonality; duration – beat, rhythm, and tempo; dynamics and other expressive controls; timbre; texture; and form) and apply them to create and perform works that are related to their personal interest and experience.

While in Drama, students learn more sophisticated approaches to performance and begin to understand drama as literature. Various techniques are used to create a pathway for drama performance as learning. Movement, Voice, Mime and Improvisation are all components taught to our students in these years. Students also learn to think critically about Drama in Literature, its place in history and its development around the world. From the ancient Greeks, to the age of Charlie Chaplin and early film, students are introduced to a wide spectrum of Dramatic History.

We aim to provide all our students with:

  • The opportunity to participate in and experience a broad and balanced range of arts, which will also enhance other areas to provide a rich and exciting curriculum.
  • The opportunity to develop a progressive range of skills, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Arts activities that access other areas of the curriculum, different cultures and those from the local community.
  • The opportunity to develop vocabulary so they are able to communicate their experiences and ideas and to evaluate their own and others work.
  • The opportunity to showcase their talents creatively in class assemblies, school shows, exhibitions, concerts and productions.
  • The opportunity, when it arises to take part in inter-house and inter-school activities.
  • The opportunity to use class based role-play to develop language and communication skills.


Years 7 – 9

The visual Arts are offered as a compulsory option of the curriculum, with one lesson each week.

Years 10 – 11

Our students have an opportunity to study IGCSE Art, Music or Drama and units of work are planned in line with the IGCSE syllabus to greater depth with 3 hours of study every week.

Years 12 – 13

Our students have an opportunity to study either AS and A2 Art, Music or Drama with six hours of study every week.  We get under the skin of the AS and A2 syllabus to produce smart, culturally aware and accomplished graduates.


The artistic development of our students is supported beyond the classroom by a comprehensive co-curricular program, opportunities for both individual and group sessions in art-related electives and an exciting variety of performance opportunities including annual concerts, recitals, drama productions and art exhibitions. As a department, we strive to create a conducive environment where ambitious and enthusiastic students can lay a foundation for becoming well-rounded global leaders.