Departments – Business

The Business and Vocational Studies Department offers five courses: Business Studies, Economics, Accounting, Information and Communication Technology, and Computer Science at the IGCSE level. There are four subjects offered at A Level: Business, Economics, Accounting and Applied Information and Communication Technology.


Year 9

We have designed a suitable curriculum for the students in Year 9 that introduces them to Elementary Business, Accounting and Economics so as to equip them with the knowledge and information required to make informed decisions when opting for any of the subjects at the start of Year 10. In addition an IT programme is also conducted to provide a strong foundation for relevant skills in technology.

Years 10 – 11

Students considering taking Business or Economics have a choice between the two since they are mutually exclusive. This is due to the cross-cutting concepts between the two subjects. Students admitted at the start of the IGCSE programme do not need to have any prior knowledge to opt for any of the subjects.

Years 12 – 13

Prior knowledge is not required before registering for the subjects. However, it is advisable that students opting for Information and Communication Technology should have taken the subject at IGCSE level. At this level, students can choose from any of the three subjects. This is an added advantage for them to widen their subject scope and take an additional course that they may have not done at the IGCSE level.

Choice of Subjects

It is advisable that students planning to pursue college or university courses in business, economics finance and management related areas should not opt for more than two of these subjects (Business Studies, Economics and Accounting). Where a student decides to take two of the above at the AS level; the optimum combinations would be either take Economics and Accounting, or Business Studies and Accounting. Students desiring to take only one of the three subjects are, however, free to take any as appropriate to them.

Teaching-Learning approaches

In addition to classroom discussions and activities, we conduct topic-specific educational tours to relevant businesses and organisations to enhance understanding and put the concepts learnt in the classrooms into practical perspective. We plan and execute research work done by students to provide opportunities for undertaking a mini-version of university-based researches thus preparing them well for a more rigorous higher learning programme.


We have two fully equipped computer laboratories and sufficient tuition blocks furnished with the required equipments teaching and learning. With WIFI across the campus, we embrace ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) approach which is used for academic purposes under close supervision and within the school technology policy.