Primary School Curriculum

Our Primary students follow our own tailor-made curriculum, with varying emphasis on content, skills and assessment. This curriculum is partially based on the Cambridge International Education Curriculum in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. For the Foundation subjects of Social Studies, French, Kiswahili, Art, Music, Physical Education and Swimming, it is loosely based on the British National Curriculum. However, all of our curricula are adapted to take account of our location in Tanzania, as well as our position in the global society.

Children are constantly undergoing formative assessment through day-to-day activities and lessons with their teachers. Every child also completes an annual PIPS assessment that gives the teachers in-depth information on ability to learn as well as value-added scores in relation to this and previous years’ performance. The formal CIE Checkpoint examinations at the end of Year 6 are optional and parents will decide if they wish their child to participate in these exams.

The focus for all of our students is based around children learning through experience. Students develop critical-thinking skills through investigation. Once students relate their learning to their own personal discoveries, they gain greater insight and retain the concepts for the long-term. Our students should be healthy, happy and inquisitive and these are aspects that we promote at all times.

Students up to Year 4 have their own class and classroom teacher, but will also learn with a small number of specialist teachers for French (from Year 3), Kiswahili (from Year 1), Music, Art, Physical Education and Swimming. Our Year 5 and 6 students receive specialist teaching in all subjects; we feel this is an important transition as they move towards the Secondary School. Students develop their maturity throughout their time in the Primary School and become more independent as they progress towards Year 6.

In addition to our academic programme, we have a strong co-curricular timetable, including sports, arts, drama, PSHE and Round Square activities. We feel our role is to give every child the opportunity to discover their individual talents by exposing them to as many options as possible. Please see these particular pages for more information on each area.