News from SCIS:


Round Square is very important to us as it gives us a clear philosophy and vision to build around. You will have read about our Round Square conferences and student exchanges at secondary level, but Round Square is embedded into all school life on a daily basis. The values and attributes of a Round Square student will stand them in very good stead for the years ahead.

Our students have been so busy, involved in activities from sustainability to crochet –the choice is wide and varied and the students are having a wonderful time while learning under the Round Square Discovery framework of – Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service and the discoveries within those.

Starting with our lower primary school students, our little ones have been involved with yoga, international cooking, traditional dance, library, art, games, student council, beading, gardening and so much more; not to mention World Clean Up Day and the Peace Run.

MESERANI: A trip to Meserani was offered to Year 5 and 6 students as part of our commitment to providing opportunities for adventure, service – and in this case leadership – visiting the Meserani Education Centre, the Snake Park and the Maasai Cultural Centre.

The centre, which caters for all ages 2-60+ years, offers courses in English and other languages, computer skills, and has a Kindergarten. Our children demonstrated their Teamwork by working in groups of 5 to run a 20-minute workshop in Swahili for 11 students aged 2-10, which grew to about 20 in each group once word was out in the village that something exciting was happening at the Centre.

Our Swahili speaking students helped with translations for a range of activities leading them without teachers input (having had a briefing at school Friday), changing or adapting the activity to include more students when they joined the groups to suit all ages.

This was followed by a tour of the Snake Park and The Maasai Cultural Centre to learn about Snakes and Reptiles and the Maasai and their culture, as the Adventure part of the day.

Offering these events is important in letting children select activities that interest them and also for us to see who takes initiative in terms of leadership and offering their time for service.

French Club and Cup of French were adventurous exploring French Cuisine, so pancake and chocolate butter sauce was the club’s first success as they all learned their recipes and ingredients in French, before creating their masterpieces and the two groups together had an exciting excursion to Food Lovers patisserie to explore ingredients used in pastries, as well as how to bake, encompassing both adventure and internationalism.

CHICKEN PROJECT: a new IDEALS topic is a year-long project which aids our students in learning both the theory and practice of keeping chickens and how they can be a source of income and food. The initial stage   included researching designs of shelters and the digging of holes for the poles that would sustain the chicken coop, which was designed by the students and our school carpenter.

SUSTAINABLE FARM: The Year 3’s have been investigating farming in their inquiry unit and had the opportunity to visit Maria Kaaya’s farm in Meru.

The cows are fed banana leaves from the farm and they give milk (which she sells and also makes her own delicious yoghurt). The cow dung is then collected and kept in a chamber to produce gas. She explained the process by which the cow dung is mixed with water and kept in the chamber.

After it has produced the gas, which she uses for all her cooking in her house, the waste goes back onto the banana trees as manure and compost in the farm, and this feeds the bananas and avocados to grow again. The cycle is then repeated when it is fed back to the cow! What a wonderful sustainable project we saw in action. Wouldn’t it be great if there were more farms like this?

AROUND THE WORLD: Internationalism is represented through the Around the World group who study different cultures looking at masks, food, arts and crafts.

We also have Student Rangers who represent environmentalism through their group having spent the term bird watching, and studying both leaves and monkey poo!

Other IDEALS groups included making papier mache; scuba diving; or computer classes for our general workers directed by the students. (SEE NEWSLETTER 6 FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE ACTIVITIES)