News from SCIS:

India Round Square Conference

In this academic year, we are sending (or have sent) delegations to five international conferences:

India (October 2019) – Shaheen, Zehrabanu and Zainab attended as per below

South Korea (March 2020) – five students will attend (Ogone Kwadi, Sam Macfadyen, Karen Ndesamburo, Ramadan Baawazir, Kennedy Makyao)

Namibia (February 2020) – this has just been advertised and we await applications from students. . Those wanting more information should see Mr Sam Bishop for more details.

– Thailand (April 2020) – this also has just been advertised and is for the younger students. Those wanting more information should see Mrs Jane Marandu in primary for more details.

– South Africa (April/May 2020) – not yet advertised – more information to come

Very appropriately the India conference was scheduled in the week when the world celebrated the Mahatma’s 150th Birth Anniversary and the week that followed was dedicated to non-violence and peace. This is in keeping with our school’s philosophy. Our conference logo is the world being raised up by hands from different parts of the world. It signifies that we should mould the world and ourselves into what we wish to see.

Zainab Suleman (year 12), who attended the conference with Zehrabanu Mazaher (year 13), Shaheen Gulam (year 11) and headmaster Mr Macfadyen, reported on the event as follows:

“This year Round Square opened the doors for our 16-18 year olds in India in October. The theme of the conference was “Sarvodaya – the world we wish to see” and merging with around 800 delegates gave our students a broader view of the IDEALS. The conference inspired them to be great leaders for the world they wish to see which was surely a stepping stone for the young leaders.

Round Square connected five different continents bringing diverse cultures to inspiring thoughts of each individual. The speakers left all the delegates with a positive message – Sophia the robot talked about artificial intelligence, Dr Shashi Tharoor gave his views on governance, Mr Kailash Satyarthi spoke of impactful actions about humanity, Ms Kiran Gandhi encouraged the students to be passionate, while the courage of Major D P Singh was outrageous and who, with Mr Gaur Gopal Das, left our students with words of wisdom that  will be cherished.

Hosts Emerald Heights did an incredible job presenting their culture and our delegates represented Tanzania through a spectacular performance during the multicultural evening. This is a conference that has left a positive footprint in the minds and hearts of our delegates as they’ve brought back more knowledge, positive messages, and an abundance of beautiful pictures.

The post conference tour gave us an opportunity to see the beauty that India holds including visiting the Tigers National Park, Hawa Mahal and, of course, the Taj Mahal.”