News from SCIS:

Faith Yona – gone, but not forgotten

Yesterday (November 27) a tree was planted at St Constantine’s in memory of Faith Yona, following a moving Memorial Service where Faith’s friends, family and teachers celebrated her life. Her former classmates sang, spoke and remembered her with love, and her friend Karen drew her portrait – which was presented to her parents in a framework of flowers.

A star went out when vibrant, passionate former student and boarder, Faith Yona, lost her life in a car accident, November 14, 2019. Ironically, she was on her way to process her passport so she could travel to her new university next year and continue with her outstanding academic achievements.

But Faith wasn’t all about school, she is remembered as a funny, lively, passionate young woman with a ready wit, a beautiful laugh and a twinkle of mischief.

A keen rugby player, Faith excelled in most sports ….. except swimming. One of her best friends, Nana, who is a school representative swimmer, remembers trying to help Faith as she continually hit the side of the pool, but the two of them spent so much time laughing, the much-needed tuition was never successful.

Faith enjoyed her time in boarding and Nana, Lisa and Charlotte remember one afternoon when they came home tired from lessons and they were each holding the others school bag as they were pulled – chainlike – up the stairs……that is until someone let go and they all tumbled down.

Despite being injured with a torn tendon, Faith never stopped laughing, Charlotte said, as they lay in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

Faith played violin – another of her personal achievements – but when it came to their practical exams, the chuckling chamber group kept ‘messing up’ said Lisa. When she needed to, Faith was very serious and dedicated to her work, but there was always time for that beautiful laugh to ring out.

Lisa: Thank you for being you, Faith

Nana: You probably never knew it Faith, but you were my role model and someone I looked up to.

Mr McFadyen: Faith was an absolutely lovely young woman. She had a wonderful smile and was always cheerful.  She was a great friend, poet, musician, sportswoman and academic – she had a brilliant set of GCSE results and was set to go on and do great things.   This is devastating news for our SCIS community and we send our love and condolences to Faith’s family.

Truly a star of St Constantine’s and a blessing to all who knew her. Goodbye Faith – let your laughter ring on eternally.