News from SCIS:


For about 4 years now, St. Constantine’s International School has been represented by our very enthusiastic and budding French learners, in the annual DELF Exams. In all the years, we have registered great success with an average of 80-90% each year.

What are the DELF Exams?

Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française
This is an international Diploma offered by the French Ministry of Education to learners of French as a Modern Foreign Language (MFL). This is valid for a lifetime and is recognizable worldwide. St. Constantine’s have had their 4th sitting this year, with 43 elegant participants from primary school, and 15 from secondary school.
The journey

Students were told about these exams in early March and the response was overwhelming. The registration process began immediately with a lot of parents also supporting their children to opt for these exams. From only 10 students in the first year, to 43 students in Primary school, and 15 in secondary school, for the year 2019. Every year, SCIS have seen students developing and growing interest in learning French language.

They have engaged in fun, extraordinary and stimulating activities to help them own their learning of the language. These exams have also helped raise their confidence and expand their understanding of the use of French.

On 15th of June 2019, students came from all corners of Arusha to all meet at the Alliance Française. A lot of other schools were there, as well as private candidates. Our children were happy to make new friends. They also had a chance to engage in various fun learning activities with different people. The highlight of the day was when all different students played games together including hide and seek, catch and catch, throwing balls….just showing how much we appreciate each other’s cultures.

This indeed was a day to celebrate diversity.