News from SCIS:

Stories from Around the World

 On Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of November, Year 3 and 4 took their audiences on a trip around the world with their show “Stories from Around the World.” Each class performed traditional stories from a variety of countries.

Year 3W told the tale of “Tiddalick the Frog”, an Aboriginal Dreamtime story from Australia about a selfish frog who drank all the water and all the animals try to make him laugh to bring the water back.

4W presented “Audun and the Bear”, a story from Iceland from over 100 years ago. It told the tale of a poor boy named Audun and his travels. On his exciting adventures he met a merchant, two kings…and a polar bear!

Year 3E told the English tale of “King Arthur and the Evil Queen. This was a historical play based on the legend of King Arthur, where the moral of the story was to treat people well and they would treat you well back.

4S presented “The Mighty Hercules” based on the Greek myth of the legendary feats of Hercules.  He fought a wild boar, the Nemean lion, a three-headed hydrand Cerebus, the three-headed dog!

4E told the tale, “The Calabash Kids.” This tale is from the Chagga people of Northern Tanzania and told the story of Shindo, a lonely woman who prayed every day for children to love and care for and who could help her with her chores.

Thank you to all the students and staff for all their hard work in preparing the show and the parents for their attendance.