News from SCIS:

Annual Alumni Evening 2018

Alumni were welcomed back to SCIS for the Second Grand Alumni Evening on Saturday 1st December.

The reunion, aimed at alumni from all batches, attracted a good turn-out this year, with alumni travelling from different parts of Arusha and beyond to attend. This year began with the implementation of a new Alumni Association committee, which will be serving as an overall operator of the SCIS alumni activities. There will be an election during the year 2019, in which everyone will get to vote online for leaders who will be serving for one year before passing it along to others.

We were delighted to welcome 2017 alumnus Mikhael Tsakiris, who gave an insightful speech into his days at SCIS and mainly how everyone can get involved in making their Alma Mata the best yet.

Mr. Tsakiris explained various projects that need funding from the Alumni Association. “One of the projects that we want to see happening is the construction of a new Sports Hall. SCIS has always been very enthusiastic on sports and physical activities, which is why they are encouraged through school curriculum; and having a Sports Hall will continue to bring children back to the playground,” he added.

As part of the nostalgia, the alumni organizing committee, accompanied by current students in Year 12 and 13 then led tours of the campus. After working up an appetite on the tours, alumni enjoyed a sit down and a bite to eat in the secondary quadrangle, taking time to recharge old friendships with classmates from years gone by.

An art exhibition from alumni Ian Terry and Lucas Zambetakis was next on the itinerary, leaving everyone astonished by how great of artists they are. We are thankful for the foundation laid during their time at SCIS, especially in the art room.

Next was a raffle draw, an event which had the winners taking the following prizes home: A brand new Nikon digital camera, a pair of Tanzanite earrings, two nights for two adults including breakfast and dinner at Dongwe Ocean View Zanzibar, and finally, an Internet connection installation + 2 months free connection.

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Alumni Fundraising Campaign.

It was proposed that we invite alumni to contribute to the fundraising campaign through the Alumni Fund. We are pleased to announce that the official fundraising methods will be shared soon once the school resumes in January for the above mentioned project and many other SCIS improvement projects.

Third Grand Alumni Evening

The 3rd Grand Alumni Evening will be held on Saturday, 30th December, 2019. Alumni from all batches are very welcome to attend. We have also had a suggestion from alumni who lives outside Arusha, especially Dar es Salaam, asking if we could organize an Alumni Evening in Dar. We totally support that idea, not only for Dar but anywhere in the world, we can have an SCIS Alumni Evening!

Why not think about starting to organize a group of former classmates now to attend the reunion together in 2019? Keep checking our website/ social media pages for more information on the 2019 Alumni Evening.

We hope to see you there!