News from SCIS:


The morning of Saturday 9th June 2018 was one with a lot of emotions as the Sixth Form Class of 2018 graduated. The graduation ceremony began at 10:30 am with opening remarks from the Headmaster who highlighted the fabulous contribution the graduates had made to SCIS. Mr. Macfadyen went on to praise their many achievements but also asked the students to go out into the wider world and utilize the foundations of excellence provided by SCIS and the principles of Round Square to make a better world.  

After this, awards were presented to some students for their remarkable contribution to the  school’s Round Square activities, including organizing of our first ever RS African Conference held in February of this year. Presenting the awards, Ms. Annabel Ojoo, Round Square Coordinator acknowledged the following students for their outstanding practice of the Round Square Six IDEALS:

  • Internationalism- Florence F. Mwakatuma
  • Democracy –Rahma Kiongozi
  • Environmentalism- Caroline Ng’ethe
  • Leadership- Cecilia Mlenga
  • Service- Omer Ikuzo
  • Whole Round Square Spirit – King Constantine’s Award – Mariam Mhina


Addressing her fellow graduates, Head Girl Ms. Cecilia Mlenga said, “We are called to go forth in courage and make a difference. The ‘light’ is your actions of charity, justice and leadership”

The Hellenic Foundation of Tanzania representative, Mr. Greg Emanuel reminded the graduates that it is now time for them to move on from this remarkable school. “You have done what you needed to do here and the world is ready for you to make your mark”. He challenged the graduates to set the world on fire with their imagination and creativity.


The highlight of the Graduation was the presentation of leaving certificates to each graduate.  Additionally, Outstanding Academic Awards were presented to distinguished overall performers in the Class of 2018 as follows.

  • Information Technology – Omer Ikuzo
  • Chemistry & Physics – Saqlayn Assaria
  • Geography, History and Sociology- Rahma Kiongozi
  • Art & Design – Anjli Sisodiya
  • Economic, BTEC & Business- Alim Nimji
  • Mathematics – Muhidin Gwiyama
  • Accounting and Business- Mariam Mhina


In his thoughtful closing remarks, Mr. David Marshall, Chairman of the Board stated that with the knowledge developed at SCIS the graduates should be ‘forces of change’ for the betterment of the communities they belong to. “All countries need change and development” he stated “but you cannot do this without the creative force of the Spirit”.  He went further to remind the graduates to stay in touch with SCIS, to join the Alumni Association, and that SCIS will always remain their home!

At the end of the graduation and in celebration of the life of their classmate and friend Late Nolan Kishe who passed away in October 2017, friends and family planted a tree to mark Nolan’s presence here at SCIS; may he continue to Rest In Peace.

Graduation 2018 was a memorable day for all involved! The class of 2018 went on to George’s Tavern for an evening event.  Conversation buzzed around farewell, their next steps, which for many will be higher learning at various universities around the world (e.g. Canada, UK, US, Thailand, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, Mauritius).

We wish them all the very best in their future endeavours!