News from SCIS:


On Wednesday 25th April SCIS hosted the Sports Awards Evening where our outstanding athletes received awards for various achievements.

The evening opened with a welcome from Head of PE, Mrs. Veronica Pitts, who explained to the parents and other invited guests on how hard the PE department works to ensure that our young sports men and women achieve their goals through sports. She went further to thanking the parents for their ongoing support  to these young athletes.

The awards were presented by guest speaker and a vibrant Tanzanian Athlete Mr. Simon Mtui who entered the Guinness World Records on 22nd February 2006 for his fastest ascent-descent of Mt. Kilimanjaro which he completed in a time of 9:21.47. Mr. Mtui delivered a powerful and motivating speech, sharing his sporting achievements in his early days, to where he is to date.  Mr. Mtui talked about one following their dreams and putting efforts on what they believe in.

The awards ceremony celebrated the dedication and teamwork demonstrated by our pupils, as they represented the school in inter-house, inter-school competitions and on their many other sporting achievements in and outside the school.

This  ceremony also recognized sports commitment and leadership skills where best most improved, most committed, best leader, best house sports captain, sports man of the year, sports woman of the year, best team of the year, leadership within electives and  Round Square perseverance in sports were recognized.

Our Rugby team was awarded the senior team of the year and the U15 basketball team was awarded junior’s team of the year.

In total, 82 awards were presented to our students.

Closing the ceremony, our Headmaster Mr. Tony Macfadyen, reminded the students on how much sports contributes to the daily personal growth. He went further in reminding them that for any good work to yield positive results; it requires discipline, determination, resilience, tolerance as well as teamwork, which they should keep up with. 

We would like to thank all the sports coaches for their hard work and dedication, more thanks are extended to the parents for making it to this incredible event and  major congratulations to all the winners!