News from SCIS:

Play Review: AIDA the Musical

Over three nights, from Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th March 2018, our Creative Arts Department presented an amazing show: AIDA the Musical. With seamless stage setting and superb set design, this was a flawless performance. The cast and crew were stunning in their costumes and the visuals were perfect, capturing every moment beautifully.

The cast enchanted the audience from their stage entrances through their captivating songs. They stepped into the spotlight and gave the performances of their young lives, and the audience was left with excitement each time the music finished. This was due to the actors’ matured voices and impeccable range.

A word from the cast:


“I am very fortunate and grateful to have been part of such a grand theatre piece. My passion was fuelled every time I was on stage. Playing the role of AIDA, a character that is so very different from me, pressured and motivated me to search deep into my potential so as to portray her on stage.”

TARIQ MSSUSA Yr 11 ( Radames)

“Playing Radames in AIDA was an experience beyond my comfort zone, not only because I had never been to, or had any drama classes but also, I had never performed with a crowd. Overall, the performance was a rollercoaster: I had moments where I felt invincible and others where I felt completely helpless, but the results were seen on stage and it has proved to me that I can achieve whatever I set my mind on.”

CECILIA MLENGA Yr 13 (Amneris)

“This experience has allowed me to plan my school schedule better. My experience in being part of such a successful production humbles me immensely. Remarkable achievements like these ones can only be brought to life with a passionate group of people and I can say that about our AIDA cast. Each person gave their all to showcase our school in a way that has never been done before. I appreciate and value hard work and commitment, and that is what the AIDA team gave.”

MARWA KISARE Yr 13 (Amonasro)

“AIDA enabled me to perform in front of a large crowd for the first time in my life and that, for me, is a milestone. Before AIDA, I thought acting was just learning your lines, throw in a few emotions and you’ll rock it. Boy was I wrong! In the end I learnt that live acting involves a lot of visual interaction with the audience no matter how weird it feels. All in all, AIDA was the most thrilling as well as only live act I’ve been in, but after that show, I hope it’s not the last” 

Many thanks go out to the rest of the cast (the ensemble) for they truly portrayed the true meaning of teamwork. The St. Constantine’s team, its drama and music directors, pulled off a massive undertaking with this production and did it with great success.