News from SCIS:

Student Council Embracing The Ideals

On Thursday 23rd November, St Constantine’s Student Council embarked upon an unforgettable journey of service to Esso’s Faraja Pallotti physiotherapy charity center, to donate essential necessities.

School Bus

The charity organization began in 2007 by manager and coordinator Clare Edwards, and focuses mainly on the awareness and handling of children with cerebral palsy in the Arusha community. Cerebral palsy is the condition in which the body is affected by lack of muscle control due to damage of the developing brain during and after pregnancy. The consequences of this condition lead to damaged senses and intellectual impairments. Luckily, many of the problems can be relieved by regular physiotherapy earlier on in life and this is the kind of treatment generously offered by the Faraja Pallotti community.

The visit involved meeting some of the charity’s patients and their mothers, with a swift tour of their mesmerising church. After, we were graciously rewarded with beautiful stars ahead of the Christmas holiday. Sadly all good things come to an end as we had to depart in order to return to school.

“The visit to Faraja Pallotti made me view the world in a different way by giving me the ability to be grateful for my good health. It also inspired me to persist doing more for society.” Debora YR12 deputy chairman.

 “Watching how people in that center live their lives made me realise that we rise by lifting others.” Sharon-YR12 Public Relations.

“Christmas season is all about giving and it was a great opportunity for SCIS to show that they care.”Mrs. Mbugua- Our Patron.

The donation was proudly funded by the school’s very own Halloween dress up earlier in the school term.



The school will continue to interact with the organization in the future, providing an outlet for improvement in the spirit of service. And further implementation of the IDEALS in student led activities, will continue to be seen, as the school year progresses.