News from SCIS:


The Wednesday elective kicked off the first internal sports tournament for the juniors in the third trimester of the year. Students from years 7-10 paced up and down the fields in nerve-racking excitement not knowing who, of the four houses, would emerge victorious at the end of the day. Netball and rugby games were organised by the teachers who were also looking forward to the fun afternoon as were the children. After lunch, they all huddled themselves in their houses to discuss game strategies and cheering groups. Participants warmed up with great enthusiasm ready to take on rival teams and ready to give it their all. The spectators sat in their houses in solidarity trying to throw off their fellow classmates. The friendships were left outside the field and players came on with the mind set of going home winners – not letting friends or colleagues distract them from their goal. Teachers were enjoying a relaxed Wednesday afternoon keeping a light eye on the kids – not too worried about the students getting out of control. Everyone walked away at the end with smiles on their faces eager for another fun adrenalin-filled afternoon.