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Year 5 Trip to Kimakouwa Village in Longido

On Thursday the 20th of October, at 8:30am, the year 5s went to Longido. We went to a Maasai village called Kimakouwa. On the way we saw a spectacular Dust Devil, a small whirlwind over land, visible as a column of dust and debris. Some of the children even saw giraffes. After about an hour and a half we reached Longido where we stopped for our morning break and the children used the washroom.

Next we returned to the bus and headed to Kimakouwa. After a while we reached the out skirts of the much awaited Maasai village. At first glance the area was very dry, windy and dusty. How anyone could live there was the question most of us wep1070786re asking. At some point we had to get off the bus because the road was very bumpy.

We walked for about 10 minutes before we heard the Maasai women singing. Most of us moved fast to see the women and what a sight it was: beautifully and traditionally dressed women with beaded jewellery, all singing an amazing welcome song. After a brief introduction by Miss Tracey and Godlove, our guides, we were asked to get into our groups.

There were different activities for the three groups. Our group was to start with the Q and A session where each child got to ask a couple of questions which the woman there answered happily in Maasai language – it was translated by Mr Godlove very well! The best part was when the very generous lady let us into her house and showed us everything in that little space. Surprisingly the house was very clean. The house only had two beds made out of cow skin.

Meanwhile the second group had arrived and it was our turn to move to the next activity, dancing p1070796and singing. We danced until we were exhausted. Our last activity was Maasai games which were so simple yet so interesting. All you needed was a handful of seeds fallen all around from a thorny tree.  After all this exciting stuff everyone was hungry and said bye to the people there and some of them came with us to the bus. Here we presented them with donation of rice, beans, maize and oil. They were very happy as we left them to go back to school to be on time to catch our buses. While on the way to Arusha we had our lunch.

Everybody just loved it and were all bubbling with excitement as we neared our school. We arrived at school and most of us left for home but it was an incredible trip to be remembered for a long time. They are an amazing tribe and we all learned a lot about their culture and tradition just by talking to them and looking around the place.


By Abigail

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