News from SCIS:

Boarders’ Fun Weekend!

We thoroughly enjoyed the final weekend of last half term in the boarding house, with students and sdsc02806taff alike getting involved in an array of activities. On Friday and Saturday evenings we screened films in the school pavilion and, courtesy of George thedsc02782 school chef, there was plenty of popcorn to go round. Had you walked to a nearby location on campus you would have encountered a blazing campfire with marshmallows, songs and scary stories to boot.

Some of the children even decided to complete the rustic experience by camping out on the field! On Saturday, during the day, the true family spirit of the boarding house was celebrated. We split up into six teams with boarders of all ages and variouimg_2325s staff members on each team. The activities that followed included cycling, wheelbarrow and piggy-back races, as well as a treasure-hunt which sent us scampering to all corners of the campus. In the afternoon the house took part in a thrilling basketball tournament. All in all it was a brilliant weekend, with many friendships and memories made.   dsc02882