News from SCIS:

Junior Disco

On the 23rd of September this year, the prefect’s board hosted the first ever junior disco in our school.  For the past four years, we have been donating medicines to the Department of Mentally Challenged Kids – Mt Meru Hospital from the funds collected from such events. The event was very successful and we witnessed very enthusiastic participation both from the prefects and even more so from the junior students. The evening kicked off with vibrant music at 6:30 and even thought not all of the students had arrived the hall was soon packed by the next half hour. During the course of the night, some dance competitions were held and students could refresh themselves with soft drinks and snacks also on sale from the prefects. Sadly enough by 8:00 sharp the night had to be wrapped up and after one last dance everyone was exhausted and ready to leave. However, to add a silver lining to the cloud, a disco king and queen were chosen and both were crowned the following Monday during assembly. Congratulations to Ramadhan and Dimitrina! Once again our heartfelt gratitude goes to the school administration, our patron Mrs. Shah and the support staff not to forget the entire student body who allowed the event to be a great success.
On behalf of the prefect board we would like to see the same kind of motivation for any of our forthcoming events!