News from SCIS:

International Day of Peace at SCIS


On Wednesday 21st September—the International Day of Peace—the girls of St. Constantine’s sat down to discuss women’s unique roles in peace and conflict resolution at the school and in our communities.
The Women’s Peace Tables, led by Ms Karah, Ms Chew, Ms Wong, Mrs Mbuguaand the Round Square Cultural Council. The girls established a way in which gender related problems could be expressed, identified and even solved.
The Women’s Peace Tables is part of #WomenSeriously, which is a global campaign to promote women’s participation in conflict resolution. Examining the oppression of women in our everyday lives and confiding in each other on these topics helped open the SCIS girls’ minds to the fact that they might not be alone. “We talked a lot about different topics, such as what women can bring to the table that men can’t?” Sanita Cunningham, 7-O.
Over half of the girls gathered asked why the Peace Tables wasn’t already a club.
“I can see now that many of us have the same ideas and thoughts and if we were to come together we could inspire each other.” Meti Fufa 10-A.
But the International Day of Peace was not only for the girls, as many students (both girls and boys) took part in the Cultural Council’s #AmaniKwaWoteSCIS hashtag challenge on various social media. This catchphrase proved helpful in the recognition of the day, whit fun prizes for participants.
The day proved to be a success as girls went home feeling more confident, understood, and most of all- empowered.
Michelle (Year 11)