News from SCIS:

School Farm takes shape

In 2016 work started on laying the foundations for the SCIS school farm. The long term plan is for diverse animal husbandry and the production of quality crops meeting the needs of the school community. The students have developed a business plan and are creating balance sheets and accounts that reflect the investment to date and initial sales.

Surveys were carried out amongst the staff and crop selections made. A suitable location was identified with cultivation areas laid out together with a location for the hen house and egg production. The ground was then meticulously prepared to support seed growth.

It was not long before the first signs of life appeared from the fertile soil. Alongside this the hen house foundations were completed. Prior to the rains constant watering was required to prevent ‘capping’ and permit germination.

The first products consisted of live herb plants to encourage new growth after purchase and the opportunity for customers to plant their own herb gardens. In this way the pricing model could be aimed at higher premiums.

September 2016 – Our hen house is now complete and we await our egg laying hens. The cultivated area continues to expand and many crops are starting to flourish. Use of dried grass cuttings is supplementing the poor organic levels in the soil that works all year round due to the climate.