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Street to Feat Picnic

Mrs Marandu’s Community Service group co-ordinated a Food Harvest for the NGO ‘Street to Feat’ Programme. Street to Feat is a Tanzanian NGO organised right here in Arusha. The programme aims to provide a picnic lunch and other some basic needs to young people living on the street at different times during the year. Our Primary students brought in staple food items such as maize flour, beans, rice, baking flour, pasta, sugar and cooking oil.  As well as food they brought in personal care items such as tooth brushes and toothpaste, Vaseline and soap.


Mr Samson Elisante started Street to Feat in 2011 and his goal was the change society’s perception of youth and children living on the streets, to create unity with the street kids and to allow the community to build a more positive relationship with street kids.  The picnic is a public event held in the centre of Arusha town where street kids can enjoy a hot meal, fruit and juice and be provided with personal care items to wash their clothes and bathe. Since 2011 the street kids picnics have reached out to over 500 street children.  As part of our Round Square IDEAL, Service, St. Constantine’s has a commitment to reach out to disadvantaged people in our community and kids helping kids is a great way to honour this commitment.


Thank you to all the Primary students and parents who supported this Food Harvest. We collected approximately 30 kg of rice, 30 kg of maize flour, 10 kg of sugar, 20 kg of beans, 8 litres of oil, more than 30 toothbrushes and packets of toothpaste, and many packets of Vaseline as well as many other things. The picnic happened on Thursday 5th May in the Arusha City Park using much of our donated goods. A great effort from our Primary School and we look forward to a continued partnership with ‘Street to Feat’ Arusha.

For more information about the organisation see their website at

Jane Marandu (Year 3 Teacher)