News from SCIS:

Year 5 Manyara Trip

During Activity Week, Year 5 went on camp to Esilalei near Lake Manyara. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to engage in a range of activities outside of their normal comfort zone. The week began by splitting into three tribes, where they were challenged to create a tribe name and story of how their tribe came to arrive at Esilalei. With brilliant imaginations from the students, we were treated to amazing stories and drama performances.

The following day involved a trip to a waterfall. Where several activities were on offer. The students could choose to fish with the locals, swimming in a natural pool or hike up beside the waterfall. All of which the students participated in with great enthusiasm.

The highlight of the week for everyone was a day in Tarangire National Park, where we were lucky enough to see many animals, including a lioness. Miss Tucker engaged the students in a challenge to spot and record the most animals seen on each bus. However, you had to know the exact species, resulting in much studying of the guide books by students and teachers alike.


On our last full day of camp it was great to see our students playing football against a local school, where we were able to donate footballs and sodas after the game. Both our boys and girls teams played incredibly well but the competition was tough, and unfortunately we lost both games. Maybe next year we will be able to win! In the evening we had a talent show and quiz about the week, around the camp fire.

It was great to see the students so excited and engaged in a range of varying activities outside of the classroom, allowing them to develop and excel in skills such as team-building and responsibility. Hopefully they will be able to apply these in the future as they face new challenges.

Peter Ball (Year 5 Teacher)