News from SCIS:

Year 4 at Ngaramtoni Forest

During activities week Year 4 students went on a trip to Ngaramtoni Forest. Below are two accounts from students about their adventure.

On Tuesday 16th February, all the Year 4s wore home clothes. We travelled to Ngaramtoni Forest next to a Masai village. The leader told us that we might walk to the waterfall. It took half an hour or more to walk there so we didn’t get to see it but we saw a termite tree and even saw a green cobra on the tree! We played until it was time to go back to the buses. On the way back we hunted wild berries. It was fun.

We were even looked for different flowers and we sang a song about the berries. After that we returned to the buses and drove back to school. It tried a little bit of soda and it was home time. We didn’t get homework that day.

Andrew Okech (4W)


On Tuesday 16th February, all the Year 4s went to a forest with the grade four teachers Mrs Marandu, Mrs Joshua and Mrs Gorringe. We left after registration.

I learned that the forest has a waterfall with a huge gigantic hill with tall grass and itchy things. On the road when walking, I enjoyed walking with my friends on one big line to be faster on the trail. I enjoyed having a packed lunch from school. In the school lunch there was egg, chicken burger, and mango juice. It was amazing.

The day ended with a big mess on the bus with hundreds of little pieces of rubbish. I helped to clean it up and then we went to the rugby pitch and Mrs Marandu brought us different flavours of soda. Some of the kids like me kept soda in our empty water bottles and we loved it!

Rukaiya Bhimani (4W)