News from SCIS:

Primary Boarders Campout

What better way to enjoy a day off school than to have a bonfire and camp out?  The evening before the Union Day public holiday, our primary boarders were busy pitching tents and building a campfire in the area behind the PE office.  Recent damp weather meant the fire was very reluctant to light, but Elijah surprised us all with his woodsman skills and with much gentle feeding and blowing, finally got it to catch.  Finally we could roast our marshmallows!

Camp 2

At this point the older students came down to join the fun and eat the food, but soon the primary students had their little camp to themselves once more, and an early night was called for, before being woken by the bright morning sun.  Everyone survived the night, and we were spared the rain!  They are looking forward to the next public holiday already.

Laurence Norfolk (Head of Boarding)