News from the SCIS archive

Month: April 2016

Primary Boarders Campout

What better way to enjoy a day off school than to have a bonfire and camp out?  The evening before the Union Day public holiday, our primary boarders were busy pitching tents and building a campfire in the area behind the PE office.  Recent damp weather meant the fire was very reluctant to light, butRead More

Secondary Savage Wilderness

February 19th is likely to remain in the consciousness of many adults and students as the beginning of an awesome week in Sagana, Kenya. 54 students and four teachers departed to undertake five days of breathless exhilaration that would stretch their mental capacities to accept what was possible and impossible to complete. The group were headingRead More

Year 4 at Ngaramtoni Forest

During activities week Year 4 students went on a trip to Ngaramtoni Forest. Below are two accounts from students about their adventure. On Tuesday 16th February, all the Year 4s wore home clothes. We travelled to Ngaramtoni Forest next to a Masai village. The leader told us that we might walk to the waterfall. It tookRead More

Year 5 Manyara Trip

During Activity Week, Year 5 went on camp to Esilalei near Lake Manyara. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to engage in a range of activities outside of their normal comfort zone. The week began by splitting into three tribes, where they were challenged to create a tribe name and story of howRead More

Year 7 Ngorongoro Trip

Almost all of the Year 7 students joined the trip to Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Eyasi. They had an amazing experience that created a strong bond among the whole class. We started by camping at Lake Eyasi, where the students practised teamwork and leadership skills through various games and activities, including setting up their ownRead More

Round Square Global Members

It has been a slightly tense six months for the Round Square representatives at St. Constantine’s. We had to complete an audit of everything we were doing, and describe our plans for the coming year, in the areas of the six IDEALS (internationalism, democracy, environmentalism, adventure, leadership and service). This was fun in itself, realisingRead More

Inter-house Cross Country

All Secondary students participated in the Inter-house Cross Country. Those in Years 7 – 9 were asked to run three laps of the school perimeter, Years 10 – 11 did four laps and Years 12 – 13 ran five laps. It was a fantastic afternoon with maximum participation from every student. Congratulations to Nahdi (Y13 Delphi) who wasRead More

Mwanza Swim Meet

St. Constantine’s attended the Isamilo invitational swim gala in Mwanza for the first time this year. All of the big competitors in swimming across Tanzania were present including Mwanza Swim Club, ISM (both campuses), Morogoro International School Tallis Swim Club and our neighbours, Braeburn, Arusha, to name but a few of the 13 schools andRead More