News from SCIS:

Year 6 Savage Wilderness

Year 6 students took a trip to Savage Wilderness adventure camp in Sagana, Kenya, accompanied by four primary school staff. The week flew by with a busy and fun-filled timetable of activities. Split into groups, we all took part in every activity. Rock-climbing was a favourite of many. We were put into safety gear and then given training on how to ‘belay’ – manage the rope to prevent the climber from falling. While some were climbing, others were responsible for keeping them safe. We all had a go at climbing the wall – things became quite competitive to see who could get the highest and how quickly.

Another firm favourite was the zip-line. Again in helmets and harnesses, some of us had as many as 5 or 6 shots flying through the air, crossing the river, whooping and screaming! Other activities involved team-building tasks, one of which was working together to build a raft from barrels, ropes and bamboo. Some students rose to the challenge demonstrating great leadership skills, others impressed with their innovative ideas. But the real fun came at the point of testing the rafts! Much hilarity followed as the rafts were ‘floated’ on the river with their crew. Some were successful, many not so much!

The highlight of the week had to be the white water rafting. Eight inflatable rafts in total, we travelled down the river: paddling hard at the slow sections, speeding and bumping down the many white rapids, diving out of the raft and into the river at some parts just for fun! To say it was exhilarating would be an understatement!

Suzanne Livingstone (Assistant Head, Upper Primary and Trip Leader)