News from SCIS:

Mauritius Sailing

What an adventure! Sailing and windsurfing in the tropical Indian ocean of Mauritius for eight students was a treat for us all.  Our hosts were the only RYA approved centre in the Indian Ocean : Wildwind Adventures who are Europe’s top sailing school, now operating in their second location, in the warm waters of Mauritius. We were privileged to be the first school trip that Wildwind had trained and as we were returning for our second sailing week, we were treated exceptionally well by our hosts and by the local Mauritian people.

Each of the eight students came home with not only their Level 1 and some Level 2 of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Youth Sailing Scheme, but with memories of the adventure, the warm clear waters of the Indian ocean, with the fun and laughter shared at meal times and whilst playing water polo and learning to windsurf.  The Round Square focused trip provided an opportunity for students to acquire completely new skills and to provide a goal for the future as we return to Mauritius to qualify for the next level on the RYA ladder of sailing qualifications.


Sailing is about understanding the weather and the ocean, learning about the sail and the wind. It’s also about being brave whilst sailing alone or about working as a team when sailing with a crew-mate and trusting each other. These skills represent desirable attributes as we encourage each other to take new steps and to grow in personality and courage.

Round Square activities are not just trips away, they are about exciting experiences which build our character and stay with us for many years to come. Well done to all those who took part, let’s plan for our third year in Mauritius!

Vivienne Hambleton (Director of Administration and Trip Leader)