News from SCIS:

ISM Primary Sports Weekend

On Friday 5th February, 33 Upper Primary students and 4 members of staff departed to ISM Moshi to participate in the Primary Sports weekend. They were joined on Saturday morning by Mr Murray and 19 more students, after spending the night enjoying the hospitality of ISM and a good night’s sleep!

We participated in both a Football Tournament and Swimming Gala, were the students performed to a very high standard. There were seven schools from throughout Tanzania present, making it a fantastic opportunity for the children to put their skills against some of the best competitors of their age in the country.

In Football, we performed exceptionally well, with the Under 11 and Under 9 boys both finishing third in their respective tournaments. Both of which were achieved under heavy competition, with the Under 9s clinching third place, through a nail biting final match – assisted by the excellent coaching of Mr Murray. The girls’ performances impressed everyone present, especially when they were a team supported by our swimmers, who had little experience of playing. This makes their great successes, under the superb coaching of Miss Mary, even more impressive. They managed to secure third place in the Under 11s and first in the Under 9s, bringing home our only trophy of the tournament.



Our swimmers were up against even tougher competition and put in excellent performances under the coaching of Miss Phiri and Mr Muganda. Where they managed to secure several medals through tough work and determination.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend for both the students and teachers involved where we got to push ourselves to achieve both individual and team successes. We are all looking forward to next years event at Dar International Academy, where hopefully we can repeat and improve upon our achievements this year.

Peter Ball (Year 5 Teacher)