News from SCIS:

Dive Zanzibar

Activity week in February 2016 for some Year 10 students involved plunging into the balmy turquoise waters off the coast of Zanzibar. Many had not even snorkelled before so, aside from the pre-training tests conducted on site, they had little idea of what was awaiting them as they started the intensive course to learn to Scuba Dive. The dive company we used is 100% committed to safety, as well as care for the marine environment, which ensured the students had a first class introduction to this hugely enjoyable sport.

Professional dive instructors taught them the essentials, including the all essential decompression calculations, but also covered marine life identification and the impact that a lack of care with the environment can create. Once in the water, early encounters were made with a multitude of brightly coloured fish and corals. De-briefings allowed them to identify what they had seen as well as providing an opportunity for some very humorous episodes as we discussed the dives.


The evenings were spent enjoying a variety of local cuisine but more importantly, each other’s company and discussions around the day’s activities.

The students returned to school with their Open Water certifications and we were very proud to have received some wonderful compliments by the dive Instructors on the conduct and behaviour of the students who were a credit to themselves and the school.

Mark Turner (Mathematics Teacher and Trip Leader)