News from SCIS:

Art Extravaganza Sculpture

December 2015, the last but one day of term, became very memorable in the eyes of many students at St Constantine’s – not just that they were entertained by their teachers in a very traditional British pantomime, but because those teachers appeared in ways that none of them might have expected.

Cinderella: a well-known, traditional story began in an unusual setting – St Constantine’s itself, but with an expected casting – Miss Dooley as the overworked and underestimated heroine, Cindy Rella. Mr Murray’s involvement, as the kindly teacher was well received by the Juniors, but they had seen him in previous school productions dancing and becoming involved. Then came the shocks – Miss Livingstone entered as one of the Ugly Sisters – dressed appallingly, and sporting messed-up hair, which left many mouths agape, accompanied by her ‘sister’, Mr Hill, in an entrance greeted with shrieks of astonishment. The students were obviously unused to seeing teachers cross-dressing, even on stage. This heralded a deluge of strangely cast people. Mrs Burton became a boy, Jack – an admirer of Cindy, and then came Mr Turner’s entrance as the Dame, which had the rafters ringing with noise and hysterics.

The story progressed with pace and full-involvement for both cast and audience, and all were fully entertained by Mrs Bowen as the over-acting Fairy Godmother, the thoroughly evil stepmother, played by Ms Seal Coon, whose every entrance was greeted with boos and hisses, and the quiet sophistication of Miss West as the unassuming Prince. It was a wonderful display, fully complemented by the artistry of Mr Namulala, and supported by staunch performances by four girl fairies who danced beautifully under the guidance of Miss Shah. Backstage had too many to mention in lighting and sound, but both students and teachers performed their tasks flawlessly.

A great way to finish the term and the year of 2015.

David Owen (Writer and Director – and ICT Teacher)