News from SCIS:

Prefect Bake Sale

During the last week before the Term 1 mid-term break, the Prefects organised a bake sale for the whole school. We had brownies, cupcakes and other desserts on sale during that week, all of which the students could not to get enough of.

The purpose of this event was to collect funds to build up a float. We raised our target amount and, for that, we would like to thank all members of the student body, the kitchen staff and the members of staff who supported our cause.

The collected funds will go towards helping the preparation for the Term 2 Fun Day, which we intend to make an extravagant event. The money raised from this day will go towards supporting the Mt. Meru Hospital Mental Health ward. For several years, St. Constantine’s and Mt. Meru have been in partnership, which is why we would like to further our contribution.

Niharika Shah (Chemistry Teacher)